Sketchie Book 3 Now Available!

The pdf is ready for consumption. The digital stores are stocked and they’re ready to go just in time for Christmas. Though, I wouldn’t count on it being the holiday gift of the season I think it came out alright. It contains a lot of art, quite a bit of it exclusive, and a whole bunch of commentary. I hope you enjoy it!

It’s $1.99 or pay what you want through Gumroad if that’s your thing. If you prefer Sketchie Book 3 will also be available through the donation tip jar along side Sketchie Book 1 and 2 and a high res slightly naughty Christmas themed picture.

Buy it on Gumroad

Buy it with PayPal

Or get it by tipping

Thanks for checking it out!


UPDATE: If you bought it through PayPal, you should have immediately been taken to a download link for Sketchie Book 3. This link should work in perpetuity, however you only get the link once. I’m looking up a way to contact PayPal purchasers with a general e-mail containing the link. If you have lost the link already, please e-mail me directly at and I can send it to you.

At the moment, the number that might’ve be affected is very few and I can easily handle it personally. If it grows to be a significant problem I’ll have to turn off the PayPal option. The tipjar should work just fine though. And Gumroad is like butter, will work perfectly.

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