Here you go. Download Link Here.

Now, I should point out that the original texture in the middle there was part of a free set I downloaded years and years ago. For some reason or another I took that original shape, set it to angle jitter with a light scatter and you’ve got yourself a papery brush for filling. I wish I could thank the texture’s original creator and direct readers to that post but it’s proven elusive, even if it was among the first textures I found trawling through the net. If someone could find it for me, I’d be very pleased. (even if it turns out I was mistaken and the texture’s not free to use commercially)

The smaller painting brush is a bit more evolved from the original source. It was originally a pencil brush someone had made, hugely altered with dual brush and only the slightest shape dynamics active. It’s great for painting, and has this nice way about it that can determine on the fly how much of the texture you want to show. Basically the faster you paint, the more textured it shows. The slower or heavier you go, the more like a default photoshop brush it shows.

The two of these together have in their own way defined a lot of how I paint. It helps that they pair really nicely with pencil brushes, in particular the wonderful Stumpy Pencil which has taken over as a mainstay in a lot of my sketches this past year. 

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