For no particular reason, I’d been answering a ton of asks that piled into my ask box. Have a gender fluid vanaa to make up for that spam.

For no particular reason, I’d been answering a ton of asks that piled into my ask box. Have a gender fluid vanaa to make up for that spam.

do you make a living off your art? or do you do this alongside a day job? love your art as always mang.
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When are you going to start doing commissions again?
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oh god… when am I ever going to stop?

Okay that sounds more whiney than anything, but I have been doing tons of commissions. I’ve just kinda surprised myself with how long I’ve been taking on the Patreon “sketch commissions.” I need to fairly adjust the amount of time spent per sketch commission in accordance to how much I’m charging for each one. The main goal is to be sure each recipient is still super happy with each piece. But I should look into reducing the amount of time spent on each one.

That said, I like pretty much every single commission that’s been thrown my way. And lots of people have sent me inquiries on larger pieces that I’m totally still interested in doing. But right now, there are certain projects that require my attention as well as the Patreon Commissions which have first dibs these days. I do occasionally on stream, take up impromptu sketch commissions and those are always fun. And in time, I should get back to the larger color commissions which earned a great deal for me back when I really needed them.

It sounds like my plate is pretty full. But I’m sometimes a bit of a lazy butt. I fully intend to play the crap out of the Sims 4 and Destiny in the very near future.

What should I draw?
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You know the way you always think, “That book could have been better if this character was written this other way.” Or how about when you say, “I’d like this show more if only they stopped doing this one thing.”

Take every single one of those thoughts you’ve had about other people’s works, and then collect them together. Somewhere in there, once you combine all the “things I would’ve done ifs”, are YOUR stories you were destined to tell ever since you were born.

No one is making the story you’ve got stuck in your head but you. If you wanted these things to happen, you’re going to have to step up and make em yourself.

so are you gonna be like Quentin Tarantino and put subtle references of some of your works in your other works? maybe kick it up a notch and put subtle indicators that they *GASP*, TAKE PLACE IN THE SAME UNIVERSE SOMEHOW. like erm, Tarantinoverse, or even Whedonverse.
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I thought I was being pretty overt with the amount of stuff I’d been “sneaking” into each of my comics. Don’t quote me on this, as we’re free to change our minds about this whenever the hell we want in the future. But right now, we play around with mixing some of the concepts we’ve used before. The comic, Drone, may not happen in the near future but that’s the one I’ve slipped the most imagery from into Cassiopeia Quinn. There’s never any sense in letting all the other work go to waste, so finding ways to use them in future work sounds like a good idea to me.

But to have an established “universe” of creations requires a much wider net of creations than I have under my belt. Ask me again in another 10 or so years and we’ll see where we are about building a proper PsudoGunnyverse. We’ll have our own fan conventions and everything.

Um sorry to ask but I'm an idiot. What does 10pm est mean? I mean i know what the 10pm bit means but what is the est? Haha please answer for the idiot who is asking this question. :|
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EST is considered a shorthand for the following applicable words: Estimate, Established, or most commonly Eastern Standard Time. Depending on the context clues you find your form of EST used in, one can approximate the word being used.

In this instance, “Stream M-F 10 PM EST” is a very concise way of naming a time for a livestream. M-F is shorthand for Monday through Friday. PM stands for Post Meridian, After Midday, which is used for telling time that differs from the Military or 24 hour standard time keeping. Considering the majority of the designation refers to schedules and time, it would be reasonable to assume that EST in this context refers to Eastern Standard Time which is the time zone for places like New York City and is considered 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time.

But considering I’m sometimes a bit frackin lazy, EST might as well mean Estimated because I walk into the stream anywhere from several hours ahead to an hour late or just whenever I freakin feel like it.