If you would like to commission my drawing services, please send me an email along with “COMMISSION” in the subject line. Commission slots will be announced as available through my blog, After the announced open slots have been filled, you will have to wait until the next available commission types and prices are announced. Details on the currently available drawing services are shown in the most recent Commission Blog Post.

I only accept Payments through Paypal. There you can pay with a debit or credit card, or directly with your Paypal account funds.

Here’s what I’ll need from you to ensure a smooth transition, please be specific about your commission. What this requires are references, detailed descriptions, poses, etc. Personally speaking, I am invested in the “character” of any given image, so feel free to elaborate on personality or character archetype. The more detail available will help ensure you get an illustration that you want. I will have to use my own judgement in place of missing details, but it will always in service of making a good illustration.

After you’ve decided that we’ll be a good fit, and I have an available Commission Slot, here are the steps we’ll take to get your drawing done.

1: I receive your commission information via e-mail with details on what you’d like to see. I reserve the right to reject content I would not be comfortable drawing. Generally speaking, no hardcore sex. No nude lolita. I’m not entirely prudish, but I have certain limits. And you are free to take your commission elsewhere.

2: Commission slots are limited, and will be filled in order of time I receive them and depending if I accept them. I will politely e-mail a commissioner to inform them if I’ve declined their commission, or the commission slots have been filled..

3: I will notify you that I have accepted your commission, and provide quick thumbnail sketches. We’ll cover major changes that need to be made during this process. If you have a specific document size you’re looking for, that should also be made apparent before final art begins. Once we have a layout you are happy with, you will be given a Date of Completion by me.

4: After a Date of Completion and layout is agreed upon, payment will be due up to one week after that time. In the meantime, the art will be finished by the aforementioned date. Only *minor* changes will be available once the image is colored and finalized, with a limited number of revisions. The completed image will be sent to you at 300 dpi.

5: Enjoy! And I hope you’ll hire me again.


-Some drawings will be done quicker than others, depending on the complexity of the image. But most drawings should not take any longer than one week for complete delivery.

-Should anything occur and I cannot complete the illustration by the agreed upon date, you will be entitled to a quick and prompt refund. An incomplete illustration does not include revisions.

-You own the drawing and can publish it for free or keep it privately. You’re free to make your own alterations to it, or even add your own custom watermarks. I may ask to publish an unaltered version as well, whether to a portfolio or a blog post. This includes sketches.

-If the illustration is intended for a commercial product, like a book or a game manual, then extra steps are required and possible added fees. Licensing to the art for sale should be discussed.