Money Pig!

Click the pig to make a donation!

All donations to the money pig go directly to Psudonym, the only purpose of which is to encourage Psudonym to draw more stuff. The money does not directly fund any specific projects. But if you’d like to leave a note as to which projects you’d like to see more of, be my guest.

Once you have donated, feel free to click the link on your checkout page reading “Return to Remy Cambridge” (a pseudonym of mine) and you’ll be directed straight to my Dropbox contributor rewards folder.

If anything goes wrong with the transaction, e-mail me the problem at psuede AT gmail DOT com. Please don’t ask me how this works out in taxes. I am definitely not a non-profit.

By the by, if you do happen to have the donation box link already you’re totally free to revisit it any time! I may update it with new (or remove old) content from time to time. And if you have the link already, you can indeed share it. It’s up to you really, I trust you with it.