Magical Girl Julie: Technomancer

Magical Girl Julie: Technomancer


In a future where freedom is outlawed, TODAY’S CASSIOPEIA QUINN will become a hero through sick gunplay and Yeats quotations. 

Your art is so so good! do u have a tag where i can scroll through just your art? Thanks
Asked by grayson01

I never used to need one but then I started answering questions and stuff and making statements or re blogging my comic stuff and the blog’s becoming ever so slightly more than just my art. Anyone who’s following me might be interested in these tags too, if you’d like to just see sketch updates. (you can also get an exclusive sketch blog over at my Patreon if I may be so bold to suggest.) But I post bunches of stuff here too whenever I feel like it.

Anyway, follow either of these tags for art!




A birthday gift from my friend Mindwipe. This is awesome

And one by Psudonym

The other day I met a pretty badass mantis. It was dying when I found it, but was still super fierce. I prefer to imagine it was dropped by a bird who was surprised to have the tasty morsel it just caught try and claw out its eyes. So when asked about ideas for birthday draws, mantis Telulah Black was the first thing that came to mind

Rebloggin my bug art for my friend Necrobob.

butt kicker

butt kicker